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The payment methods offered by Luxury rent a car, to avoid using a credit card, They are:

  1. Cash when picking up your rented vehicle
  2. With direct bank deposit into one of the accounts of Luxury rent a car


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1. The lessee declares to be at least 23 years and holds a valid driving license, which was issued least 12 months before the signing of this contract. The tenant warrants and promises that he will be the sole driver of the rented vehicle and that under no circumstances will not lead the vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other substances that may affect the ability to drive and to comply with applicable laws at all times. The use of the leased vehicle may not be made for the transport of persons or objects when paying for transport and the vehicle can not be degraded or used for towing any object.
2. For all vehicle categories (A, B, C, D, MINI BUS, LUXURY, SUV), the tenant must have a valid credit card. The lessor reserves the right to request authorization to maintain the amount of € 700,00 over Category A, B, C, & D and> 1.000,00-3.000,00 Euro against the category MINI BUS, LUXURY, SUV.
3. The agreed rental charge filed against signing this contract.
4. The duration of this Agreement is determined by the Annex to this document. It should be noted that when the term of this Agreement shall be extended beyond the agreed time or after and for another hour, the tenant will be charged for extra lease whole day.
5. The lessee returns the vehicle to the lessor in good condition with no faults and the lessee receives the vehicle once it has examined unqualified. The lessee must return the leased vehicle in the same good condition in which he received, together with all the accessories, the equipment, tires and accompanying documents, the place and time agreed. No financial burden is not imposed on the tenant for possible receipt and return the vehicle to the lessor offices. Any breach of this contract by the tenant as a result the obligation of the lessee to return to the lessor compensation for damages suffered beyond the agreed normal rent.
6. The rental cost includes the following insurance coverage: a) Death or injury in the third (addition to the driver). b) Damage to third parties (except the rental vehicle) unless otherwise agreed (CDW) between the lessor and lessee. c) The rented vehicle is insured against fire, theft and terrorism to the amount specified in the insurance policy. For this amount is covered by the tenant and third. Luggage and any other objects belonging to the tenant, the authorized driver or passenger in the rented vehicle is not insured and the lessor accepts no liability for any loss, damage etc..
7.If the tenant caused an accident resulting in damage or injury, takes full responsibility, and the obligation to pay the total repair and restoration costs for all damages. also obliged to compensate the lessor for the entire period that the damaged vehicle is off the road and therefore can not be rented. The tenant is solely responsible for any damage that is not covered by the insurance of the vehicle contract. By signing this agreement, the tenant declares to have full knowledge of the coverage of the insurance coverage and conditions. He also states that he knows that he is not covered by insurance, in an accident when the rented vehicle is not driven by it. All authorized drivers have the same responsibility with the 'employed' within the rental period. Representative shares represent equal responsibility overall to those represented If the leased vehicle is lost or stolen during the vehicle rental period, the lessee is obliged to cover all costs arising from the loss or theft of the vehicle, including those resulting from any costs covered by the insurance of the car etc..
8. In case of breakdown or accident, the tenant is responsible for the following: a) To park the vehicle in a safe place and immediately inform the lessor. b) Inform the police. c) To get details about potential witnesses. d) Do not recognize the claims of third parties.
9.The tenant is responsible for all fines resulting from violation of the Traffic Law, B.C. illegal parking, administrative sanctions etc.. Incurred during the rental contract. The lessee is required to immediately cover all costs associated with the rental vehicle, which include leasing, the rental tax / all other liabilities (discharge from liability, third party liability, personal insurance, theft, including the costs specified in this Agreement and approved by the Greek Office of Tourism, while the tenant is obliged to cover any costs for possible damage, delays in delivery of the vehicle, damage to vehicle interior coverings) etc.. and external, tires and wheels.
10. If the tenant wants to extend the rental period, obliged to do so in writing to the landlord at least 48 hours before the end of the rental period, so it can receive the necessary approval. If the tenant does not comply with the aforementioned obligation, will be responsible for penalties equal to three times the daily rental.
11. OR Vehicle transportation by boat is allowed with the written permission of the lessor. The written consent of the landlord is also required when the lessee wants to get hired vehicle abroad.
12. The tenant is responsible for all costs of fuel and must return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel in it to the one on the day of delivery.
13. The tenant is liable for the VAT tax 23% as well as the municipal tax of 2%.
14. The lessor reserves the right to change the rented vehicle with another similar type and capacity.
15. cancellations: We must inform in writing. The charges are not refundable are: 1-5 days before arrival: 100% of the total reservation is charged. 6-10 days before arrival: charged 50% of the total reservation. 11 – 20 days before arrival deposit is non-refundable. no show policy: 100% of the total reservation is charged. Early Departure Policy: charged 100% the remaining stay.
16. In case of any conflict the terms of this Agreement by Contracting, Experiment court deemed competent authority to deal with such issues, wherever the tenant may be resident, only allowing the lessor to have recourse to other courts.
17. The terms of this Agreement may be subject to change without prior notification. The values ​​stated in this agreement have been approved by the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT) and the price list approved for the rental period of this contract – displayed prominently in the lessor's offices. The second party – the tenant – He said to have fully understood and unconditionally accepted the terms of this Agreement and waives any right to discontinue, cancel or challenge the terms of this contract for any reason, including those contained in articles 178, 179 and 388 the Civil Code, and any action or objection to the validity of this Agreement.
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